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TBS Screw clamps

Product info

Multi-purpose screw clamp for HP-profiles

  • For use as a (temporary) lifting point in spaces with HP- (bulb) profiles, like sectional ship parts and ship engine rooms.
  • The moment a load is applied, the clamp is automatically fixed.
  • Used for HP-100 to HP-240 (bulb) profiles.
  • Working load limit (WLL) 1500 - 3000kg.
Features and benefits
  • Equipped with a thread spindle for easy attachment, providing a powerful clamping force on the workpiece
  • Lightweight design for easy handling
  • Tough quality heavy duty body
  • Maintenance-friendly, easy to exchange parts which are available upon request

Product specifications

Article Nr. Type Capacity (kg/pc) Jaw opening (mm) Dimensions in mm Weight (kg/pc)
862150 1.5 TBS 1500 HP100-240 150 74 45 180 75 40 16 2;9
862400 3 TBS 3000 HP100-240 150 75 65 205 75 80 16 6;

Exploded view