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TCK Vertical lifting

Product info

Safe and easy square tube frame lifting

  • For vertical lifting and transporting of structures where a square tube is used as a frame, e .g . mobile units etc . If the clamp is being loaded, the cams will pull out sideways and will grip into the sides of the square tube
  • Jaw openings available from: 62 to 70 mm
  • Working load limit (WLL) 3000kg
  • Min . WLL is 10% of max . WLL
  • note: the plate surface of the material must have a hardness level of max. HrC 37/345 Hb
Features and benefits
  • Because of the compact design of the clamp, the clamp will not use more space than the dimensions of the square tube
  • Equipped with articulated lifting shackle for extra lifting flexibility (max 30o)
  • Standard with 2 high grip pivots for extra powerful clamping force
  • Special locking devise ensuring safe and easy handling
  • Lightweight design for easy handling

Product specifications

Article Nr. Type Capacity(kg/pc) Jaw opening (mm) Dimensions in mm Weight (kg/pc)
810000 3 TCK 3000 62 - 70 449 60 200 70 16 100 6.9


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